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SmarterCX.com Presents a Smarter Holiday Season

Mia McPherson
December 07, 2017

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SmarterCX.com’s Editor-in-Chief highlights a new customer experience holiday destination page, SmarterCX.com/Holiday

This time of year, I can’t help but get into the holiday spirit. Here in New York City, the holidays are in full swing in practically every store, restaurant, park, and street corner.

The holidays are in full swing here at SmarterCX.com, too. As the Editor-in-Chief of SmarterCX.com, I have the unique honor of working with leaders, influencers, and subject matter experts in customer experience on a daily basis, and I get to hear the latest in trends and news, including insights from this holiday season.

We’ve been on the front lines and on the ground – literally – to gather CX insights that will help customer experience professionals make the most of the holiday season in 2017 and beyond.

As December’s “Editor’s Choice” of hot and topical CX content, I’d like to highlight our new holiday destination, SmarterCX.com/Holiday, which we’ve created to bring you the latest in customer experience holiday trends, news, and insights bundled in a fun little package.

On this CX holiday destination page, you’ll find articles like:

A Black Friday Shopper’s CX Diary

A Black Friday Shopper's CX DiaryOne of our team members ventured out in the field on Black Friday to get a deal on a Roomba, and reports her customer experiences via a video diary with a surprise ending.
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Shopping Showdown: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Shopping Showdown: Black Friday vs Cyber MondayTwo of our team members braved the two busiest shopping days of the year and compared their experiences, including time to checkout and deals found, in a fun and informative infographic.
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AI vs. New Yorkers: Holiday Gift Recommendations for Mom

AI vs New Yorkers: Holiday Gift Recommedations for MomAdvances in artificial intelligence present a unique opportunity for retailers to offer personalized gift recommendations. But are they better than a New Yorker’s recommendations?
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Why It’s Important to Focus on Customer Satisfaction This Holiday Season

Why It's Important to Focus on Customer Satisfaction65% of consumers want their issue solved in 15 minutes or less. 54% of consumers prefer phone over all other forms of customer support. We help you stay in-the-know with this article + consumer research report.
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Holiday 2017 Will Show Retailers the Light

Holiday 2017 RetailConsumer trends this holiday season will inform trends for the upcoming new year. We analyze the ways in which shoppers are changing and how these behaviors will drive year-round retail practices.
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3 Brands That Are Innovating Their CX This Holiday Season

3 Brands Innovating CXMajor retailers are getting creative with their CX this holiday season. See what Target, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s are doing to capture customers’ attention and keep them coming back.
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Coming soon to SmarterCX.com/Holiday:

Bookmark the page for upcoming content like “Holiday 2016 vs Holiday 2017: Look How Far We’ve Come” and more customer experience news, trends, and insights as the holiday season progresses.

And for those times when the holidays start to drive you crazy, visit our cartoons page for some comic relief and a few holiday-themed laughs.

Black Friday shopping

Happy Holidays!

Mia McPherson
Mia McPherson is a lover of cats, community involvement, and Pittsburgh sports. Mia is the Editor-in-Chief of SmarterCX.com and has been working with talented teams to create content for the journalism, publishing, and technology industries for 15 years.
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