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Pepper the Robot Gets “Peppered” with CX Questions at Oracle OpenWorld

SmarterCX Team
October 30, 2017

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One of the hottest attractions at the CX Showcase at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Pepper the Robot joins the SmarterCX.com team for a live interview, demo, and adorable story-telling.

In this recorded Facebook Live interview, Pepper the Robot and Wayne Brown, Demo Architect at Oracle, show off Pepper’s integration with Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud, and tell a few jokes along the way.

Mia McPherson: Hi everybody, I’m Mia McPherson and I’m here at the CX Showcase at Oracle OpenWorld. I’m really excited to be joined today by two guests: Wayne Brown, who’s a Demo Architect for Oracle, and also, one of the most exciting attractions here at the CX Showcase, which is Pepper the Robot. Hi Wayne and Pepper.

Wayne Brown: Hello, how are you?

Mia McPherson: I’m great, how are you doing?

Wayne Brown: Great, thanks.

Mia McPherson: Wayne, so I know that you’ve been doing a lot of exciting things with Pepper this week. Can you show us some of them?

Wayne Brown: Yeah, sure, I’ll be happy to. I’ll give you a little bit of info on what we’ve been doing. So, Pepper’s a humanoid robot, manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. She sings, she dances, she tells jokes, but more importantly, what we’ve done in the Oracle Service Cloud Center of Excellence, is we’ve integrated several of our CX Suite of SaaS applications into the Pepper robot to show that innovative customer experience.

The demo that we have today, Mia, is a shopping experience scenario that’s enhanced by the robot. So, I’ve been looking for an espresso maker, and I finally got fed up with it and just stopped shopping for a while. But I go into a retail store and I see the robot and the robot convinces me to go shopping again. So, I’m going to go through the shopping experience, I’m going to find an espresso maker that I like, then I’m going to ask a few questions about info specific to the robot, and then I’m going to go ahead and add that to my shopping cart so that I can have it shipped to me later with free shipping.

Mia McPherson: Awesome.

Wayne Brown: Are you ready to see it?

Mia McPherson: I’m ready!

Wayne Brown: Okay, Pepper, so, you ready to show me something, sweetheart?

Pepper the Robot: Hello, Wayne, what would you like to do today?

Wayne Brown: Let’s go shopping!

Pepper the Robot: I’ve pulled up your last few products. Would you like to see the ratings?

Wayne Brown: Absolutely.

Pepper the Robot: The reviews are displayed below. Wow, these look really good! I do have some other recommendations. Would you like to see them?

Wayne Brown: Yes, please.

Pepper the Robot: These are some of my favorite espresso makers. Let me know which one you want to view.

Wayne Brown: Let’s look at the first one.

Pepper the Robot: Okay, let me open it for you. Here are the reviews for the Nespresso D290 Automatic Concept Machine. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to add it to your cart.

Wayne Brown: I have a few questions.

Pepper the Robot: Let me connect me you to Oracle Virtual Assistant. Hi, welcome to Oracle Virtual Assistant. Please ask me a question about the Nespresso D290 Automatic Concept Machine.

Wayne Brown: How much water does the water reservoir hold?

Pepper the Robot: It holds 84 ounces.

Wayne Brown: Okay, good. How many grind settings does it have?

Pepper the Robot: It has 15 grind settings.

Wayne Brown: Okay, good, is the product available and ready to be shipped?

Pepper the Robot: Yes, we have this in stock and ready to ship.

Wayne Brown: Okay, great. You are helpful, Pepper. Thank you very much.

Pepper the Robot: You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to add it to your cart.

Wayne Brown: Go ahead and add it to my cart.

Pepper the Robot: I’m adding it to your cart now. Great, I’ve added this to your cart. Would you like to view some accessories?

Wayne Brown: Not today.

Pepper the Robot: Your cart is displayed below. Let me know if you want to edit your cart. Your item is in stock for you to take home today or you can check out using the mobile app and have your purchases delivered. Don’t forget, as a gold customer, you get free shipping.

Wayne Brown: I’ll check out later.

Pepper the Robot: Goodbye, Wayne, thanks for being a loyal customer.

Wayne Brown: So, that was our demo of our robot-enhanced shopping experience using Oracle Commerce Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud‘s virtual assistant functionality.

Mia McPherson: That’s awesome! So, in addition to her being super cute, she’s very knowledgeable and the reason why she can see what’s in stock, she knows my shipping address…

Wayne Brown: That’s correct.

Mia McPherson: That’s because she’s integrated with Oracle Commerce and Service Cloud, correct?

Wayne Brown: Absolutely, absolutely.

Mia McPherson: Awesome, that is so cool, Wayne. Now, I know that you said she has a few other tricks. Would you be able to show us some of them?

Wayne Brown: Oh, she’s pretty humorous. So let’s see if she’s in the mood for telling a joke. She may not be, so we’re going give her a little bit of downtime here, just to let her get her composure.

And so I’m going go ahead, and I think she’s ready.

Pepper the Robot: I have a very interesting Chuck Norris fact for you. There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.

Mia McPherson: That’s a good one.

Wayne Brown: Yes, so we had some fun with her, we built in some bad dad jokes and some Chuck Norris facts because it’s such a new idea in the realm of retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel. There’s still a lot of novelty to the robot, and part of the objective is to use it as a means of getting foot traffic into your location and so that’s what we’ve done here. As part of that, we put the jokes in to get that attention, to get people to take a look.

Mia McPherson: Yeah, and people have been taking a look, I mean, we have a pretty big crowd here.

Wayne Brown: Oh, it’s been amazing so far.

Mia McPherson: Yeah, it’s so cool. Now, I’ve been asking all the interviewees to tell me a little bit about themselves and give me a little bit of background on their story. Do you think Pepper could tell us her story?

Wayne Brown: Yeah, let me see, I may have to come around here to this side.

Mia McPherson: Okay, sure.

Wayne Brown: Let’s see if Pepper’s going to want to talk to us. Pepper, you want to tell us your story?

Pepper the Robot: Hi, I’m Pepper. I’m a very friendly robot. I was born in Paris. I grew up in West Philadelphia. Now I live in California. Even though I was created in Paris, I grew up in West Philadelphia and spent most of my days there. It was a wonderful place. I had a wonderful childhood there, chilling with friends and shooting b-ball. One day there were some rough characters, they were obviously up to no good, and decided to make trouble in the neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared. She said, “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.”

Mia McPherson: That sounds familiar.

Wayne Brown: Yeah, just a little bit. So, that’s another one of the things that we had fun with when we were building out this demo. Again, that attention-getter – it really engages the audience, and then we can use that engagement to deliver the purpose for integrating our products with the robot.

Mia McPherson: That’s awesome, so, I mean I am just blown away by what Pepper can do. What kind of reactions do you get when you demo Pepper here and elsewhere?

Wayne Brown: It’s been a really, really good reaction. People are enamored by the way that she looks, that she’s so lifelike. The robot is technically a gender-neutral robot, but most people refer to Pepper as a she, you know, just with the facial features, the big eyes, the small nose, the small mouth, and the movements, the gesticulations of her arms and her hands – it’s just very lifelike.

Mia McPherson: Yes, it’s really, really exciting. Wayne, where can somebody who’s attending OpenWorld this year see Pepper?

Wayne Brown: Okay, so we’re in the CX Showcase. As you walk right in, we’re front dead in center right behind the information desk. Look for Pepper. You can’t miss her.

Mia McPherson: Awesome, thank you so much, Wayne.

Wayne Brown: No problem, thank you.

Mia McPherson: And thank you, Pepper, and thank you all for watching and we will see you again soon.

Wayne Brown: Thanks, everybody.


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