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Why It’s Important to Focus on Customer Satisfaction This Holiday Season

Niki Hall
November 21, 2017

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Let’s face it: dealing with customer service issues is the last thing consumers want during the holiday shopping season. As consumers attempt to cross everything off their shopping lists and get the best deals possible, they don’t have the patience for encountering poor, time-consuming customer service operations.

80% of consumers rely on word of mouth

The pressure is on for retail brands to deliver a great holiday shopping experience. With this increase in consumer demand and shortage of tolerance, businesses have the opportunity to showcase positive customer relations and ultimately gain customer loyalty that will extend into 2018.

54% of consumers prefer phone

Enhancing the customer journey is extremely important to us at Five9. We commissioned Zogby Analytics to help us determine what consumers have to say about the current state of customer service and support. The inaugural Five9 Customer Service Index provides interesting insights into the expectations surrounding the ideal customer experience from a consumer’s perspective.

78% of consumers will drop your business after poor experience

For example, the consumer survey found that 78 percent of consumers will not do business with a company if it gives them poor customer service the first time. In a retail and ecommerce landscape that is highly competitive—especially around the holidays—having this insight should help improve customer retention.

65% of consumers want their issue solved in 15 minutes or less

Some other statistics from the index that I found especially interesting include:

• More than three-fourths of respondents (77 percent) said they are comfortable with a company using their past purchase history if it results in a high level of customer service.

• 91 percent indicated that a reputation of great customer service is a factor that helps them decide whether they will do business with a company.

• 96 percent of respondents said if they have a positive customer service experience, they are likely to do business with that company again.

To read the full Five9 Customer Service Index, please visit this page or contact CustomerIndex@five9.com.

Niki Hall
Niki Hall
Niki Hall has a passion for marketing. She is the VP of Corporate Marketing at Five9. During her career, she has created an industry award-winning function, focusing on programs of reciprocal education and influence that drive key insights and shape company strategy. Her experience leading corporate marketing, global events, and channel and strategic alliances has provided major impact on revenue and has greatly influenced market perception. Niki is an avid SoulCycle enthusiast, attending classes six days a week. She spends time with her husband and two children—going to soccer games, dance competitions, or eating at one of her favorite sushi or Korean restaurants.
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