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Chatbots and AI: Building a System of Self-Service

SmarterCX Team
October 17, 2017

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Kyu-Jin Woo, Systems Architect at StubHub, discusses the benefits of interactive self-service AI applications that understand human intent and generate desired outcomes for better customer service.

At Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience 2017 conference, Kyu-Jin Woo engages in a post-session interview with CX influencer Mark Fidelman. The session, entitled “Innovation Talk: The Robot Overlords Will Help You Now,” presented by Kyu-Jin Woo along with Dan Miller, Senior Analyst at Opus Research, and Jeremy Kembel, Director, Product Management at Oracle, is available for download.

Kyu-Jin Woo: We’re not trying to build a Skynet here. We’re trying to build a system that provides the tools for the customers to self-service in an easy and more efficient way. I found out through this conference that customers – well about 85 percent of customers – want self-service.

We are building a system that allows customers to come in and get an answer or get their work done so they don’t have to talk to an agent – and they want to do that. But if we can build a system that customers can actually have a conversation with, I think we are successful.

In the past, in my previous job, we built an application that does LVR – large vocabulary recognition. So, I’ve seen people actually talk to the system as if it’s a real being. They’re having a conversation with the system and I’m like, “Oh okay. People are really in to it.” People talk to Roomba and think, “Hey, that thing is an animated object that actually is alive.”

Mark Fidelman: They name it, like a pet.

Kyu-Jin Woo: Yeah, so it’s interesting that we can build a system that people think is actually alive and responding. So, in our area, we want to service customers. We want to have a system that can, in a way, understand what the intent is, and also give the answer that they’re looking for. If we know what they’re trying to get done, then we can actually go to our back end and process the system and come back and say, “Hey, we did this for you. By the way, it’s done.”

It’s not something we want to take over our agents’ roles. We want to provide something so that agents don’t need to get into simple steps like reset passwords, and this is something that the customer doesn’t have to spend 15 minutes talking to an agent to reset. The agent will do more complex stuff for the customer. So, we’re looking to building a system that will provide this service to the customer.


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