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9 Ways to Create One Stellar Experience

Samantha Hausler
November 17, 2017

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Adapted Advice from Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss.

When experts in customer experience speak, you listen. And, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the past eight weeks since the release of the Experience This! podcast. On it, Joey Coleman, customer retention expert, and Dan Gingiss, social media expert, peel away at what makes a great customer experience using real-life examples and learnings from top brands. Their overarching takeaway: “All it takes is one stellar customer experience to win permanent loyalty.”

Here are nine ways you can achieve one stellar experience:

  1. Expand your competitive offering. Figure out what your *thing* is that will take your company beyond what your direct competitors offer. Always be one step ahead in your unique value proposition to be the brand competitors chase.
  2. Try out the “experience” brands. Disruptive brands, like Amazon and Zappos, are known for being leaders in customer experience. Set up an account (if you’re one of the few that hasn’t already) and play around in their environment to know what excellence in customer experience looks like, then incorporate your findings into your own strategy.
  3. Re-try out the “experience” brands. If a brand is deemed a leader in customer experience, then it’s likely they’re constantly evolving and innovating to stay up to speed. Keep your accounts with leading customer experience brands active to see their latest changes and improvements.
  4. Get on the same page internally. It’s time to officially break your silos. Make sure everyone across the organization has a clear roadmap of the customer journey, understands how different teams work together, and is aware of any change. Think about the ripple effect–even the smallest pebble can cause a wave. When you have open lines of communication, you’ll avoid headaches along the way.
  5. Empower your front lines. Teams that deal directly with your customers first need to be equipped and able to resolve any issues immediately. They need to have a full understanding of the customer, and the customer’s past interactions, to stop a pending customer experience disaster in its tracks.
  6. Be one with your customer. The customer is in control. If they’re not happy, you’re not happy. Customers don’t care about how your business is organized, they only care about what they experience–from browsing your website to purchasing a product to following up for service. Figure out how they’re engaging and tailor your customer journey to them. Even the smallest change can craft a remarkable experience.
  7. Don’t punish the good eggs. Not everyone is going to be a glowing customer, but that doesn’t mean your good customers should be punished by policies aimed at the bad ones. If you consider the 80/20 rule, 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your customers–don’t scare them away.
  8. Create easy-to-use loyalty programs. The biggest customer experience mistake you can make is to create something challenging for your most loyal customers. Loyalty programs that reward customers should be designed to be simple so that they’ll want to use them.
  9. Remember this new mantra: Accessibility is king. In the era of mobile, chatbots, IoT, and artificial intelligence, customers expect to interact with your company whenever they feel like it. Figure out how your customers want to interact with you, and then make sure every single one of those channels is open and ready.

To hear more from Dan and Joey, tune into their weekly Customer Experience podcast, Experience This! on experiencethisshow.com or this section of SmarterCX.com, and subscribe on iTunes.

Samantha Hausler
Samantha Hausler is a bit obsessed over digital tech trends, coffee, travel, brunch, and reality TV. Samantha is a Marketing Strategist for Oracle CX with over 9 years of experience in the industry.
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